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It's a Game Changer!

This changes everything.

A new facility. An expanded vision. And a whole new era for OES.


  • Give our students and programs room to grow.
  • Provide a homecourt advantage.
  • Inspire future generations of athletes.
  • Build leaders from the ground up.

Oregon Episcopal School has given students room to grow—intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically— since its founding as St. Helen’s Hall in 1869. This game-changing campaign will support that mission by helping us realize our vision of an athletic center, one that energizes our athletes and programs and creates a community hub, connecting all three school divisions in meaningful ways.

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Strengthen Our Endowment

Just as important, in celebration of OES’s 150th anniversary in 2019–20, the campaign will strengthen the endowment to support future Aardvarks. Funding our Flexible Tuition program (OES's Financial Aid) is our top endowment priority. With your help, our students will continue to exercise their power for good—for the next 150 years.

Be a Game Changer!

We are in the fourth quarter! As of March 2020, OES has raised $13 million toward our goal of $17 million for the new Athletic Center.

Help us move the ball down the court!

We look forward to meeting personally (including virtually!) with all OES families past and present as we work together to fully fund this dynamic new facility for OES students. To learn more and schedule a meeting to view the Game Changer plans, contact Liz MacDonell at macdonelll@oes.edu or 503-768-3181.