OES Fund

Your donation before June 30, 2024, will help us reach our goal and support of the OES mission. 


The OES Fund supports Every Student, Every Day they are at OES and beyond.

The OES Fund is the school's most vital and fundamental fundraising effort, providing significant and immediate annual revenue. Gifts to the OES Fund advance our mission, opening a world of possibility to our students and continuing our legacy of excellence. 

Your donation to the OES Fund is spent across all divisions, in and outside of the classroom on our highest priorities to meet the immediate needs of students and their teachers. Specifically, the Fund will provide continued and additional support for: 

  • Flexible Tuition: continued increase in the amount of support provided to families,                                                        
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: exploring, creating, connecting, and committing to our own essential competencies, 
  • Curriculum Development: both academic and social-emotional programs,
  • Professional Growth & Development: in all divisions providing specialized professional development for faculty and staff.

Under the leadership of OES Fund Chair Kate Fox, a dedicated team of parent volunteers works hard to increase participation and ask their peers to join them in supporting OES. If you are in a position to support the OES community, please consider a gift or pledge to the OES Fund.


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*Bridges the gap between tuition and the cost of an OES education.


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