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The OES Visual, Performing, & Musical Arts Department Presents:

"Heir of Lions"

June 7–8, 2024, 7 p.m.
in the EC3 MOVE Room

Written and Directed by:  Linnea P, Atlas O’H, and Adrianna C
Assistant Directed by: Drew M and Kaija L

"Heir of Lions" is a stand-alone sequel to last year's one act, Descendants of Helios. It’s been two years since the war between the witches and witch hunters began. Our story follows two siblings—one, the current leader of the witch hunters; the other, the leader of the witches’ rebellion. When deeply ingrained prejudice and lifelong friendships collide, what will our characters choose? Explore a world filled with magic, secrets, and sword fighting as old history is dug up and the rules get rewritten.