Upcoming Shows

The Visual, Performing Arts and Musical Arts Department, in collaboration with the English Department, is proud to present:

15th Annual Student One-Acts

May 8-11, 2019, 7 p.m.

Developed as summative projects in the fall semester senior playwriting class, the following student-created one acts have been selected for full production and will grace our OES Mainstage this spring:


The Functions of an Engine Control Module by Sarah S. '19

With only a semester of high school left, Carter Atkins is prepared to do what he has always done:  go to parties, flirt and (not) do homework. The last thing he expects is a stubborn computer-geek to come barreling into his life and upturn his plans.  Felicity Bates has spent the past 7 years with her head inside a textbook, trying to achieve her one goal of getting a full scholarship to MIT. Everything was on track until she receives the email that her partner for the GPA-threatening senior thesis is none other than Carter Atkins.


The Hoedown by Hannah W. '19

Springtime has arrived at Drearyview Preparatory School and a bustle of activity is taking place -- 13 year old Cynthia uncovers a secret of a fellow classmate and grapples with the moral complexities of unrequited love.  The annual spring Hoedown is taking place soon and the anxieties of her classmates rise about the age old question: who is taking who to the dance?  At the same time, the hyper competitive mothers of the PTA scramble to simultaneously plan the dance and navigate rocky relationships with their children.


Charlotte by Alison T. '19

Margot has every reason to be happy -- moving her life forward in a new direction and engaged to be married.  Though Margot loves Peter, she doesn’t feel the same about his mother Lisa. Margot senses (and fears) that her soon to be mother-in-law will never really accept her.  Meanwhile, Lisa is convinced that Margot is not a good fit for Peter. Will their relationship ever go beyond superficial niceties?


Rough Draft by Rachel P. '19

Rough Draft follows a family grappling with the recent loss of their mother.  The older of two sisters, Mia, immerses herself in her writing and finds comfort in the fictional worlds she creates and controls.  However, her younger sister Anna finds that Mia’s storytelling forms a barrier between Mia and real life.

Artwork by Sarah S. ‘19

This year, we are excited to continue our professional mentorship program. Starting in March, our student directors have had the opportunity to work directly with Emily Stone (OES Performing Arts), Terri Kuechle (Beaverton Civic Theater; Beaverton School District) and Pat Moran (Action/Adventure Theater; Shaking the Tree Theater). Through this program, students will hone their craft and develop their skills in the performing arts through close collaboration with local working professionals.