Upcoming Shows

The OES Visual, Performing, & Musical Arts Department Presents:

Spring Student Extravaganza created and produced by OES students

May 17–20, 2023, 7 p.m. PST
Upper School Great Hall

Supervising Director: Emily Stone
Poster Designs: Nicole Y. '23

In addition to the three plays below, the Spring Extravaganza 2023 promises to be an exciting variety show featuring DanceClub, student videos, entre-act improv games, aerial dance performance, and more! 

Descendant of Helios

Written by: Adrianna C. '25, A O'H. '25, and Linnea P. '24
Directed by: Linnea P. '24 and A O'H. '25

In a dystopian fantasy world ruled by witch hunters, our story follows a young witch's path to self-discovery. Swords! Flight! Magic and stuff!
To the house of Helios! 

Master's of Education

Written and Directed by: Alia R. '23 
Assistant Director: Yuankai G. '24

A comedy about a stressed out 1st grade teacher having a midlife crisis -- expect flashbacks (and flashforwards!) that keep the audience rooting for Stephanie and hint at how life might turn out for her.

Seven Stages Driver's Test

Written by: Lola B. '25
Directed by: Ava K. '24 and Lola B. '25

A surreal and bittersweet comedy about a driving lesson from Grandma gone off the rails. Why is Grandma wanted by the police?  Why does her Porsche have so many unexplained buttons?  Will Kai ever have enough guts to take control of their life?