Theater Season 2023-24

Fall Show

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

November 8–11, 2023, 7 p.m. PST

Directed by: Peter Buonincontro

Shakespeare’s complex and heart-breaking romance comes to life on the OES stage this fall. This interpretation of the famous literary love story has the young ill-fated couple and their families scratching out a living in a dingy waterfront community. The audience will be swept up in the passion, vicious feud, and ultimate tragedy that befalls these fair lovers of Verona. True to the original and packed with action, this succinct version explores characters whose choices are driven by the heart, make irrevocable decisions, confront family and social expectations, and experience the magic and grief of first true love.

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Winter Show

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

Feb 28–March 2, 2024

Directed by: Lauren Cuellar


A contemporary dramatic comedy set in 1995 Athens Ohio, She Kills Monsters tells the story of high schooler Agnes as she deals with the death of her younger sister.  When Agnes stumbles upon Tilly’s “Dungeons and Dragons” notebook, she finds herself catapulted into an action-packed adventure alongside homicidal fairies and nasty ogres that fill the imaginary world that was her younger sister’s refuge.  This high-octane play deals with themes that celebrate LGBTQ identity, acceptance by one’s family, as well as overcoming bullying based on stereotypes and stigmas. 

Spring Show

Student Extravaganza showcasing works created by OES students

May 15–18, 2024, 7 p.m. PST

Directed by: Emily Stone

The annual Spring Student Extravaganza is an extraordinary labor of love created by and for students as a showcase of performance-based work in multiple mediums including dance, theater, and video. The OES Performing Arts program believes in empowering students to envision and produce their own creative expression using the widest possible skill set, led by our graduating Performing Arts seniors. Join in the celebration of unique student voices in our community! 

About Our Theater Program

Stage productions at OES are an opportunity for the practical application and further development of technical and acting skills learned in curriculum-based courses, serving to encourage students to become involved in the theatrical arts, as well as providing thought-provoking entertainment for the community.

The Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts Department is committed to providing the opportunity for students to participate in at least three fully-produced mainstage productions per year. We are committed to staging plays that align with our school mission and thus benefit the intellectual, cultural, spiritual, emotional, and artistic growth of our students. We strive to choose plays that are relevant to the community and that complement each other over the course of the year in style, content, and technical demand.

Our spring show is a student-driven (written, directed, produced), curriculum-based production, though all productions offer multiple levels of acting and technical challenge to meet students at appropriate developmental levels. Utilizing a mentorship model, OES mainstage productions offer leadership opportunities for our student directors, actors and technical crew. In all productions, we seek a creative, collaborative process and environment and encourage crossing disciplines, divisions, and departments, as well as involvement with the wider community.