Counseling & Academic Support

Counseling and Academic support at OES rests on a solid foundation of beliefs. We believe that creating an inclusive, positive, and safe learning environment is necessary for academic risk taking, successful collaboration, and the development of resiliency. We recognize the uniqueness of every student, maintain a pervasive optimism about each student’s potential, and hold fast to the belief that every student can succeed. We believe that focusing on strengths and supporting students to overcome their challenges empowers students. When discussing concerns about student progress and planning for individual student needs, we believe that it is most helpful to avoid labels, judgments, and generalizations in favor of specific direct observations. We are committed to removing barriers to student learning and to looking for opportunities to provide flexible instruction and evaluation as needed. We believe that an effective program depends on assessing needs, careful planning, vision, persistence, collaboration, and accountability.

The OES Counseling and Academic Support Program is deeply rooted in the OES mission, vision, strategic initiatives, essential competencies and is informed by the best practices and national standards articulated in the American School Counseling National Model. Our program draws from current research in the areas of neuroscience and learning and is proactive, strengths based, growth oriented, comprehensive, and intended to address the academic and social emotional development of all OES students Pre-K-12.


  • Mindfulness training for students to improve academic performance, physical and mental health, and to cultivate relationships characterized by empathy, responsibility, and acceptance.
  • Intercultural Competency work with the goal of creating and maintaining a culture of dignity that values differences and a school community that is truly safe, respectful, and inclusive. Opportunities to practice courage, and compassion, for self and others, will be supported and facilitated by counselors and Academic Support Specialists in each division.
  • Leadership and student empowerment development through training, activities, and structures that bring student voices more fully into the process of planning, evaluating, and actively engaging in a the life of the OES community. Using surveys, focus groups, and forums to more clearly define needs and reflect on student experience, Counselors and Academic Support Specialists aim to provide increasingly more effective support for students and to offer greater accountability.

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