Lower School Service Learning

Service Learning takes place at all levels of the Lower School, starting even with our youngest students. Recognizing that students are on a path to discovering their place within ever-widening spheres—first self, then classroom, school, city, country, and beyond—the Lower School Service Learning program seeks to offer meaningful connections for students along this continuum of discovery.

Many projects take place within the context of classroom learning, guided by class passions and curriculum foci. For example:

  • 4th and 5th grade students make connections to young Spanish-speakers at the Woodburn Family Learning Center as part of their own Spanish language learning.
  • 2nd graders interview and visit organizations doing heroic work in our city as part of their investigation of heroes and their Power for Good.
  • Kindergarteners learn about the wetlands on our campus, then create projects to help care for the plants and animals there.
  • Lower School students take a deep-dive into community-wide service in December through Giving Chapel, an annual event in which the Lower School participates alongside several service organizations doing good in our community.

For further information, please contact Kristen Haferbecker, LS Service-Learning Coordinator.