Health & Well Being

OES believes that every student is poised to benefit from added support, as life has a way of presenting a wide variety of surprises, and a rich curriculum is designed to stretch every student in unexpected ways. One of the most direct ways to support students is to provide a community in which they feel well known, safe and cared about by people in the community. Students approach their studies with a wide variety of strengths and challenges—philosophically we believe that helping student recognize their strengths is one of the best ways to help them approach the challenges that they face, be they social/emotional, physical/health related, academic, or cognitive/developmental.

There is an academic support specialist in each division, a counselor in each division, and a chaplain in each division. Additionally, there is a full time nurse and an athletic trainer on campus, and two college counselors; students in the Middle and Upper Schools also benefit from academic advisors. These support team members work collaboratively with students, classroom teachers and families to help students advocate for themselves and to become partners in the process of responding to the kinds of academic challenges that require persistence, creativity, and perspective.