The OES community relishes in the ritual of Gathering. Students and faculty in each division come together in their own common spaces on a regular and reliable basis. While the Gatherings in each division each have a different flair, the guiding principle remains the same. Gatherings at OES provide a safe, playful, and valuable forum for student leadership, the sharing of important and timely announcements, the honoring of celebrations and transitions, the thoughtful and civil reflection on our shared values, and finally the opportunity to regularly contemplate our sense of place and responsibility as citizens of the world.

Gatherings of our entire school community (including parents, staff and alumni) take place three times a year, and include the Opening of School Belltower Gathering in September, the St. Nick’s Chapel in December, and the Mt. Hood Climb Service Day Belltower Gathering in May before an our annual all-day community service event.


Students and teachers in the Lower School gather in a variety of ways throughout the year to showcase and celebrate student accomplishments. Most gatherings take place on Fridays from 8:10–8:40 a.m. Some gatherings involve each classroom, while others focus on all of Lower School together, multi-grade buddies, grade level gatherings, or Beginning Years and Intermediate Years teams.


The Middle School begins four days a week with Gathering in the commons. Students and teachers make announcements, sing songs, celebrate happenings, and discuss world events. Gathering sets a positive tone for the day, and provides regular opportunity to build community.


Upper School students and faculty gather in the Great Hall three times a week for announcements, activities, and fun, led by members of Student Council’s Policy and Community Boards. Whether singing Happy Birthday, delivering Senior Buddy Gifts to 9th graders or participating in Mystery Friday, Gathering brings everyone together and gives students a good natured forum where they practice making their voices heard.