Extension/After School

"It's more than just after school care, it really is an extension of the thoughtful way OES educates children. I see so many moments where my child is given space to explore and make her own inquiries within projects." Parent

Extension offers a full complement of fun and educational activities that students can attend directly after school from 3-6 p.m. and full day programming on LS conference days. Have questions? Please e-mail us at extension@oes.edu, call us at 503-416-9500, or check out this helpful Extension Informational Doc.

Lower School Extension (After School)

Extension is designed to provide a positive, nurturing after school experience for your student, extending the OES Vision and Mission through our out-of-school time programs. Within our flexibly structured program, your child will experience inquiry based projects, recreational and enrichment activities, free time, and special activities such as cooking, sports, and art. For this more relaxed part of the day, children are under the watchful eye and nurturing guidance of our instructors who will foster and support independence, cooperation, and problem solving strategies in a safe and caring environment.

We strive to maintain an enthusiastic and skilled staff. Parental interaction with the staff enhances our ability to serve your child's needs and to plan our program for everyone's benefit. Parents are encouraged to share concerns, suggestions, and observations with staff, by note, by phone call, or by dropping in during a portion of Extension time. We appreciate your trust in us to provide a positive and meaningful experience for your student.

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Middle School Extension (After School)

The academic school day ends at 3:05 p.m. At this time, students can take the bus home, get picked up in the carpool line, head to athletics practice, or stay in the Middle School for our Extension Program.

Middle School Extension provides a free, drop-in after school program from 3:05–6:00 p.m. Students sign-in, get a snack and are invited to explore many after-school options at no cost to families. We provide a variety of activities, clubs and study spaces to allow students to self-select their learning environment.

For an additional cost, students may sign up for private music lessons (see below) or after school classes.

Private Lessons

Brandon Azbill

Brandon Azbill

Private Lessons: Guitar
Angelika Furtwangler

Angelika Furtwangler

Lower School Beginning and Intermediate Strings Teacher, Private Lessons: Violin, Viola
Sue Jensen

Sue Jensen

Upper School Visual, Performing & Musical Arts Teacher, Upper School Yearbook Advisor, Private Lessons: Organ, Harpsichord
John Lamb

John Lamb

Private Lessons: Drumset, Percussion
Zachary Lenox

Zachary Lenox

Private Lessons: Voice, Piano
Janet Morris

Janet Morris

Private Lessons: Piano, Cello
Marian Peng

Marian Peng

Private Lessons: Chinese, Extension Activity Instructor
Jocelyn Claire Thomas

Jocelyn Claire Thomas

Private Lessons: Piano, Voice, Flute

Family Engagement Events

Extension is committed to being an opportunity for students and families to connect during out of school time. Specific information about upcoming family events can be found in the Weekly Wednesday Express, OES Calendar, as well as direct emails to families. 

Summer at OES

We offer full and partial day camps for students entering Pre-K through Grade 12 throughout the summer. Students do not need to be enrolled at OES to participate in the summer programs. Financial Assistance is available. 

June 24-August 16, 2019

Full and Partial Day Camps

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Where do I pick-up my students after their class?

All Session 1 activities end at 4:30 p.m. PreK-1 pick-up is in the First Floor Affinity Commons, and 2-5th pick-up is in the 5th grade Commons. We have a weekly schedule in the main hallway with classes and their locations.

What happens if I am not there to pick-up right at 4:30?

Don’t worry! Your student will be added to the Session 2 Home Base, enjoy another snack and recess and he or she can work on homework, silently read, play games, work on art or building projects or play outside until you arrive. Students will be outside at recess from 4:30-5 p.m. on the Lower School playground. At 5 p.m., students will transition to our end of the day activity in the 5th Grade Commons led by Miriam and Meredith. We will apply the regular hourly rate, prorated by the minute.

Who do I call if the main LS office is closed?

Call our main Extension office number at 503-416-9500 to reach a live person until 6:15 p.m.

How do I pay for after school classes and drop-in Home Base?

At the end of each month, Extension submits all balances to the Business Office. The balance will be available through your FACTS account. The total will include any classes, private lessons, drop-in home base, that your child participates in.

What is the difference between Home Base and classes?

Home Base is an open ended exploration hosted by two faculty teachers Meredith Kruse (PreK-1st) and Miriam Del Greco (2nd - 5th). Meredith and Miriam are heavily involved in our school day curriculum and classes to create a cohesive shift from school day to after school. Home base is a great place to relax, explore, create, and play.

After school classes and clubs are a compliment to our Home Base program. The various offerings are opportunities for students to try new field of study, engage in areas not offered in the school day, and discover new interests.

We find that a combination of Home Base and classes is the most supportive afternoon for most children.