Welcome to Winterim!

OES Winterim courses take place over the six class days before spring vacation each year, and reflect an intentional time set aside in the OES Upper School for experiential and immersive education. Our courses explore an array of topics, locations, ideas, and patterns in and around our local Portland area, domestically across the United States, and internationally in varying locations each school year. Our international courses are rooted in building global competence and intercultural learning opportunities, while our domestic and local courses encourage students to cultivate their curiosity and reach beyond what is familiar by leaning into our inquiry based learning cycle of exploring, creating, connecting, committing, and reflecting. We are working towards the integration of the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards into each of our course offerings by 2024.

In action, this means that faculty and students collaborate to plan a broad variety of experiences that provide opportunities for them to work and learn together as part of our shared community.

As a cornerstone of our inquiry-based learning, participation in Winterim each year is a requirement for all students, while also generating some of the best memories of the school year!

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Winterim: March 16-23, 2023

The deadline for domestic and local course applications and financial assistance applications is Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 5 p.m.

All Winterim courses will be working towards the following outcomes:

  • Integration of the OES Essential Competencies 
  • Integration of the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards
  • Demonstration of Inquiry Based Learning

NOTE: Courses marked with a 🖐 indicate that the course involves a service component.

2023 Local Courses

2023 Domestic Courses

2023 International Courses