Diversity & Inclusion

"OES has challenged me to be who I am all the time. Activities like Culture Shock and Student Leadership and Diversity Retreat, are able to provide students a space to express proudly to everyone who they are." Sophomore

Student Affinity and Allyship Groups

Affinity groups offer Upper School students who share a common experience to gather and dialogue about their experiences. Allyship groups combine students who share a common experience with their allies for dialogue. All groups are facilitated by trained student facilitators and convened by adult conveners.

Groups Include:

  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Gender Lens*
  • Jewish Affinity Group
  • Latinx Affinity Group
  • LGBTQIA++ Affinity Group
  • Middle Eastern Affinity Group
  • Multiracial Affinity Group
  • OAsians (Asian Affinity Group)
  • Spectrum*
  • Women in STEM*

*An allyship group is a group that is open to people that have similar identities as well as allies (those that would like to act to support those who have an identity they do not share).

Culture Shock

Culture Shock is an annual event hosted by the Intercultural Student Association (an Upper School group). Area high schools are invited to join OES Upper School students for a full day of workshops, led by guest speakers and students. You can view the list of 2019 workshops here.

Culture Shock 2020 is coming on April 23, 2020.

Regional and National Student Conferences

Each year, OES sends a group of Upper School students (fully funded by the school) to attend regional and national conferences, including the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, offered by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), in conjunction with the People of Color Conference for educators, administrators, and board members.

Additionally, the Northwest Association of Independent School (NWAIS) offers a regional Student Leadership and Diversity Retreat, which OES hosted in February 2018. NWAIS alternates between a retreat for Middle School students and Upper School students. In 2020 the retreat will be for Middle School students.

Beaverton School District and Oregon Episcopal School Collaboration

Beaverton School District (BSD) and Oregon Episcopal School (OES) have engaged in a longtime collaboration supporting Whitford Middle School students with twice-weekly tutoring provided by BSD and OES high school students. In addition, in the summer of 2019, BSD and OES began a joint leadership program for rising sixth graders from both BSD and OES.

Community Engagement

OES has committed to continual community engagement with issues of Inclusion. Learn more here.