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Counselor's Corner 5/7

Mental Health Awareness Month

Alongside Asian American Heritage Month, May is also Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM). MHAM has been observed in the U.S. every year since 1949 and focuses on raising awareness, reducing stigma and providing resources around mental health.

As humans, we all have mental health.  There will be days when our mental health is strong and other times when it is tested, challenged or impacted in a variety of ways.  This past year has been incredibly challenging as many of us grappled with fear, isolation, anxiety as well as many other emotions brought on by the pandemic.

As we head toward the end of the year, take action to add in activities that rejuvenate your mental health and to take steps toward reducing stigma around mental health in our community.  To get you started, see the below resources.

Resources & Articles: 

Mental Health Resource List

NAMI Oregon 

"There is a Name for the Blah you are Feeling"

"The Other Side of Languishing is Flourishing"

"9 Ways to Reduce Mental Health Stigma"  

"Finding Help: When to Get it and Where to go" 

"Oregon YouthLine" 

"Action for Happiness May Calendar" 

Mindfulness Offerings 

Body Scan (5Min)

Learn to Deep Breath

Deep Breathing Practice:

5 Senses meditation 

Breathing Meditation (8Min)

Body Scan (10Min)

Movement Offerings

Let it Go Yoga

Pre Bed Yoga


Erin Romano, US Counselor