Need to Know for Friday, February 19

Need to Know for Friday, February 19

  • Campus-Based Instruction (CBI) Updates—so much to keep track of! We're doing our best to make sure both students and families have all the resources they need to plan ahead, so here are some tools you should be keep on hand:
    • The OES calendar now details which cohort comes on which day! Students' calendars are also up to date, so make sure your child subscribes to and turns on both SWAG and US Rotation calendars (these are internal calendars only—sorry, parents!). 
    • On normal 5-day weeks, Green Cohort comes on M/Th; Blue Cohort, T/F. We are committed to getting kids, who are able, on campus two days/week, which means that on 4-day weeks, our remote Wednesday schedule drops off. 
    • Another way to keep track of which day your student is scheduled to be on campus is through this handy visual calendar. Put it on your fridge!
    • Most importantly, please reach out with any questions at all.
  • Next week, your child will receive a survey about CBI lunch. Bon Appetit will be making upwards of 800 sack lunches each day, so in order to reduce food waste, we'd like to get an approximate count of how many US students will be opting for the sack lunch beginning on March 30. The kitchen cannot accommodate dietary restrictions other than vegetarian; students are welcome to bring their own lunch (as long as it is allergy aware!). Please remind your child to complete this survey next week. 
  • Aardvark Science Expo is February 25 and 26! Covid can’t stop the annual extravaganza of research! Co-Coordinators Bettina Gregg and Tanja Horvat have done an extraordinary job of innovating to make learning happen despite the pandemic. For the first time ever, the OES website will provide access to the entire collection of student abstracts, complete with images and presentations. Make sure you check it out when it goes live next week!
  • Following Advisory and Chapel on February 24, there will be no US Activities or Office Hours in order to give teachers and staff time to work together to prepare for Campus-Based Instruction, the next phase of school in a pandemic. 
  • The US library is now offering a weekly curbside service on Wednesdays from 2:45-3:45. Students (and their parents!) can reserve books via the library catalogue or by sending Erika Jelinek an email. Watch this video to learn how to reserve online. 
  • Check out this parent education opportunity from Challenge Success, The Well-Balanced Student: Avoiding Stress and Overscheduling During The Pandemic and Beyond. February 24 at 5 pm PT. Register here

Jelly Rec: Book Recommendations from US Librarian Erika Jelinek

The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert

Published in the months leading up to the 2020 election (which already feels like a lifetime ago), Brandy Colbert's The Voting Booth is about two teens whose paths cross on Election Day. When Marva overhears Duke being turned away from their polling site bright and early on Election Day, she kicks into Type A Activist gear and thus begins a whirlwind day that has them driving all over their SoCal town to help Duke vote. Colbert expertly splices in back story for each character, giving depth and richness to this joyfully Black meet-cute tale. 

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