Note from the Division Head: March 10

Note from the Division Head: March 10

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to join our Parent Partnership meeting this past Tuesday. Matthew Baylor, our Educational Tech Coordinator, presented information from a tech survey that he offered all the Middle School students this past month. He focused on information about how they are spending their time on screens, when and where they are doing this, and how they are impacted by technology and the platforms and tools they explore. This is great information to review, so please look through his slideshow here or watch the Zoom recording. You’ll notice a review at the start of the slideshow about our cell phone/personal device policy that would be good for you to see since we’ll be going over this with students too. 

Please remember that we are meeting on Tuesday, April 18 from 8:15–9:15 a.m. both in person and on Zoom for our next Parent Partnership meeting with Ian Groves from Soundcheck Prevention Network. He will present information about the work he’s doing with seventh and eighth graders that week around drugs, alcohol, and healthy decision-making. It is especially important for seventh-grade families to hear this information to understand the context and content of what he’s delivering. I strongly encourage all seventh-grade families to attend this session, and all families are welcome. Ian always has new information to share each year that he visits, so even if you have heard him speak before, he has relevant information that is useful for parents.

Upcoming Events & Reminders for Your Calendar

Saturday, March 11
Blue Jean Ball Auction

5:00–10:00 p.m., The Redd on Salmon

Monday, March 27–31
Spring Break: No Classes

Tuesday, April 3
Professional Growth Day: No Classes