COVID Vaccinations & Annual Health Requirements: Does Your Child Need a Physical This Summer?

Every year, parents need to complete their children’s health information in Magnus. Currently, those families whose children need physicals and the OSAA sports form will see these requirements listed when they log into Magnus. Additional requirements include reviewing the Vital Health Record, giving over-the-counter medication permission, and submitting action plans as needed. All of this info is due August 1.

Beginning July 6, you will receive weekly email reminders if you have anything outstanding. Please complete your required information in Magnus as soon as you are able this summer as your child is not allowed to attend school or participate in field trips, PE, and sports without it. So be sure to make your children’s appointments with their physician soon!

Physical and Sports Pre-Participation Form
OES students entering Grades K, 7, 9, and 11, or new to OES are required to have a physical and a sports pre-participation form completed by parents and the student’s physician before school begins in the fall. Your child cannot participate in any OES activities, including sports, practices, and opening trips, without completing this form. OSAA guidelines require that this form be used.

Action Plan(s)
If applicable, you also will need to update your student's allergy, asthma, diabetes, and seizure action plans inside the Magnus health portal. 

Covid Vaccination
As mentioned in Mo Copeland's June 4, 2021 letter to the OES community, COVID vaccinations will be required for all age-eligible, day and boarding students at OES in the 2021-22 school year, recognizing any exceptions required by federal or Oregon law for students. You will be asked in Magnus to provide proof of your child’s vaccination through the Magnus health portal. 

As families are arranging for their children to receive the required COVID vaccination before the first day of school, please note that routine childhood immunizations cannot be given at the same time. There is a required waiting period between certain immunizations and receiving the COVID vaccine. With this in mind, we recommend you make the necessary appointments with your physician now to complete all required physicals and vaccines by the first day of school on September 1.

Other Immunizations
If your student is new to OES, you need to upload an updated immunization record to the Magnus health portal. Here is a list of required immunizations by ages and grades, which must be on record with the school. (Please note that the linked list does not include the COVID-19 vaccine, but it will be required by OES as explained above.) In your Magnus health portal, you will see which immunizations are required for your child. Updates to your student's immunization record can be added as needed in the Magnus Health portal throughout the school year.

Please contact Ellen Pippenger in the Middle School Office at