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Upper Schoolers Collect Food Donations for Community Partners

Upper Schoolers picked up food on Tuesday in the Lower and Middle Schools as part of their new community engagement program, Doorstep Donations. In total, the OES community donated more than 200 bags of food to Neighborhood House and Clay Street Table.

“It is powerful walking into each Division of the school seeing mountains of food ready to fill the shelves at Neighborhood House and Clay Street Table," said Upper School Community Engagement Coordinator Maria McIvor. "It is even more powerful knowing that this program that was created by students.

“In a year where some wondered if we would be able to do any community engagement work, we are committing to helping keep the shelves stocked all year round for our partners!”

The program began in October with a connection McIvor and students made with a group of high school students in New York City who created Doorstep Donations in response to the spike in food insecurity during Covid. Upper Schoolers were hard at work on Tuesday loading bags into trucks on their way to our community partners, culminating months of hard work and collaboration.

“We loved the idea of adapting this program to create an all-school food pantry that will become what we do as a habit, as a school,” McIvor said. “[Upper School Chaplain, Religion and Philosophy Teacher] Katie Seltzer's Eating and Ethics class along with Community Engagement Activity worked hard all year making presentations to parents and students, sharing their vision, and asking for help. As usual, the entire OES community stepped up in a big way!" 

Upper Schoolers will relaunch the program in September and plan to have monthly drop-offs beginning in October 2021. Way to use your power for good, Aardvarks!