Upper School Finishing Up Research Season

The science research season is coming to a close. Data collection will wrap up this month, and students will then begin to prepare for the upcoming Aardvark Science Expo on February 25.

  • #1, #2: Macy G., Class of '24, says: "My project is determining the antimicrobial properties of ginger when mixed with ethanol. In the picture, I am preparing my Kirby-Bauer test with discs soaked in ginger-ethanol solutions, which I then placed in Petri dishes with E. coli."
  • #3, #4: Naphat S., Class of '23, is continuing his successful research on his radiation detector. In this picture, he is in the process of rewiring the motor driver. He was a Best of Fair Award winner last year and presented his work at ISEF.
  • #5, #6: Gigi C., Class of '24, is mixing some solutions for her experiment on the effect of water hardness on the tensile strength of hair.
  • #7: Lucien D., Class of '23, is investigating the effect ethanol has on beetroot cell membranes. This is particularly interesting as ethanol is a key ingredient in hand sanitizers. He is helped by Naphat S., who is dispensing ethanol solution.