Students Advance in MathCounts Competition

Students Advance in MathCounts Competition

The regional chapter meet for MathCounts will be held this Saturday, February 3 at Mt. Hood Community College. The students who will be competing are: Kevin C., ’29, Eric Z. ’28, Jessie Z. ’30, Maxwell G. ’29, Michael G. ’28, Winston W. ’28, Krish P. ’29, Shaarav M. ’30, Kinza A. ’29, Tulasi K. ’29, Jia B. ’28, and Surabhi S. ’28.

MathCounts is a national competition for middle school students. Local and state events are held to qualify for the national contest. A mock competition to prepare students for the regional event was held earlier this winter at OES, with student teams from Catlin Gabel and Arbor School also on hand.

Middle School Math Teacher Ann von Ofenheim organizes the MathCounts competitions every year. This year, the Upper School Math Club helped plan the mock competition. 

Led by senior Joe F., Upper School Math Club members created the mock competition questions and also helped guide and prepare the students in the math club meetings.

Students will advance to the state competition if they are successful on Saturday. Last year, Kevin C. and Eric Z. both went to state. We wish all the students good luck this weekend!