Strong Showing in Math Competition for Middle Schoolers

Earlier this month, 10 of OES's top mathletes competed in the MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition. Jay W. ‘27 scored 40 points out of a possible 46, earning seventh place—enough to represent OES at the Chapter Invitational Competition today.

The ten mathletes were Alexander C. ‘25, Artina B. ‘26, Athena L. ‘27, Casey M. ‘27, Ishaan B. ‘26, Jane Q. ‘27, Jay W. ‘27, Rohan G. ‘26, Tully F-W. ‘25, and Vishaka P. ‘26. Jay, Alexander, Jane, and Athena all placed in the top 18 in the chapter.

The competition is normally comprised of four rounds—Sprint, Target, Team, and Countdown. However, Team and Countdown Rounds were not conducted this year due to the pandemic and, instead of traveling to a common location, students took the test remotely on their computers. 

“This year was different from previous years where students would typically wake up early on a Saturday morning to take three rounds of math tests,” Middle School Math Club advisor and Upper School Math Teacher Gregory Drugan said. “The price to pay for the luxury of competing in a math contest while still wearing your pajamas was that there was no team round this year, only Sprint and Target rounds.”

The competition series typically has four levels of competition: school, chapter, state, and national. However, this year the 2020-2021 Competition Series will consist of: chapter, chapter invitational, state, and national competition. 

Great job, Aardvarks! Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.