Middle School Students Practice Skills for Class Trips

Middle School Students Practice Skills for Class Trips

In preparation for their upcoming class trip, last week the sixth grade class was out on campus with Synergo to engage in exciting group challenges. They played get-to-know-you games and worked as a team during activities like building a plank bridge and getting through a hula hoop while maintaining a human chain.

Middle School Science Teacher Storm Siegel said, "These activities allow the students to connect with each other after a summer apart, and most importantly help our new OES students make a deeper connection to their new classmates. These games necessitate communication and teamwork among the students, and it was great to see how they were able to navigate the challenges as a group and support each other throughout the entire day. All of the sixth graders did an amazing job tackling various challenges and problem-solving puzzles, and they had a great deal of fun during each rotation."

The seventh graders were also out on campus, practicing setting up tents in anticipation of their class trip. 

The whole Middle School will be heading out on class trips the week of September 18. Watch for a story about their adventures after they return.

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