Seventh Grade Students Show Inventiveness in the Vark Tank

Seventh Grade Students Show Inventiveness in the Vark Tank

Participating in the Vark Tank gives seventh grade students the chance to put their innovative skills to the test. Students are asked to make an invention or innovation that would help humans adapt to or mitigate the effects of climate change on our increasingly threatened planet.

The young inventors use the OES inquiry cycle, as well as science and engineering practices, to conceptualize and prototype a product. In the EC3 Design Center, students create three versions of their invention: a paper version, a cardboard prototype, and a final “polished prototype” which they use to demonstrate during their pitch to the Vark judges.

This year’s demonstrations were held on February 15 and 16. The panel of volunteer judges, made up of faculty and staff, listened to the pitches, asked questions, and then decided where to invest their play money.

Science Teacher Denise Dumouchel said, “The students were very excited to share their ideas and new learning with the Vark judges. I really appreciate everyone who came out to provide our students with an authentic and appreciative audience.”

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