Lots of Joy During Senior Recognition Ceremony

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Thus quoted Head of Upper School Sarah Grenert-Funk during her remarks at the Senior Recognition Ceremony on June 16, reminding seniors that though they might travel light if they’re alone, they’re more likely to get there if they go as a group. And that’s just what the Class of 2022 has done: Stayed together as a group, many of whom have accompanied each other since their beginning days at OES, with more classmates joining them along the way. As these students have made their way forward through their education, they have provided one another with encouragement and support.

Sarah reminded them that they are a class who goes all in. “No matter what you did,” she said, “you went all in: in the athletic arena, in the performing arts, in the art you created that fills our hallways, in your dodgeball and ping pong prowess, in your hilarious vlogs, in your learning, and in your growth. Going all in takes courage and that quality is one you have demonstrated throughout your time at OES. The courage to persevere into, through, and out of remote learning and then to become much needed student leaders during a time of continued uncertainty. When you are expected to be nearly singularly focused on your future, while being encouraged to live completely in the present of your final year of high school. These tensions can be hard to navigate.”

But the students did successfully navigate them and made 2021-22 a year to remember, from the beach trip in the fall to their rafting trip just this past weekend. Sarah remarked how impressed she was by how the students demonstrated the life skills on that trip that they will take into their next adventure–perseverance, determination, teamwork, and collaboration–and again how they supported each other. While she was watching many of the students participate in a steep climb after the rafting was finished, Sarah said, “I was thinking of how impressed I was that so many of you embarked on that journey together or were there to welcome everyone when they returned. Yes, you are here because of your individual strengths and talents, but you have thrived and grown and become who you are today because of a collective effort and the instinct to go together.”

The many accomplishments of the senior class were recognized at the assembly. You can see the event program here. Congratulations to the award recipients:

All-School Awards

  • Patron’s Award–Jonathan Segal
  • Susan Elizabeth McClave Award–Dominic D’Ascenzo
  • J. Milne Manson Award–Annie Hendrickson
  • Mary Rodney Award–Sylvia Bissell
  • Bishop Dagwell Award–Vivek Mittal-Henkle 
  • Alumni Award–Gemma Tait

Departmental Awards

  • History and Social Studies–Maddy Carson
  • Mathematics–Harrison Copp
  • Computer Science–Frances McConnell
  • English–José Blancarte
  • Science–Nate Strothkamp
  • World Languages–Nico Johnson
  • Religion and Philosophy–Amelia Ulmer
  • Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts, Visual–Catherine Zhu
  • Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts, Music–Peirce Sherpa
  • Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts, Performing–Tam Silverman
  • Library–Nanati Safawo 
  • Marion Horwell Residence Award– Maisam Moradi
  • Student Body Award–Maisam Moradi
  • Athletics Award–Tyler Edwards
  • Athletics Award –Annie Hendrickson

Photos from the full ceremony will be sent to the families of the senior class next week.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022, and we look forward to seeing you all graduate tomorrow at Providence Park!