Romeo and Juliet a Tremendous Success

Romeo and Juliet a Tremendous Success

The curtain has fallen on Romeo and Juliet, but this play will not soon be forgotten! Thank you to everyone who attended the sold-out presentations.

“The OES production of Romeo and Juliet was an exceptional performance that combined a creative setting, dramatic lighting, wonderful acting by our students, and an innovative approach to the play which both honored the essence of Shakespeare's masterpiece while also interpreting the story in a fresh and engaging way,” Head of School Michael Spencer said. “The production represented the distinctive OES approach: students were in the center, they followed a path of inquiry to understand the heart of the play, and then they interpreted this essence while showcasing their uniqueness so that they were seen and heard and honored for who they are, as they are. OES at its best!”

True to the original, but with plenty of OES flavor, the performances were packed with action and drama, and we can't thank all of our audiences enough.

"The students and performing arts team poured their hearts and souls into this show," Cameron Jack, Arts Chair, said. “They're in that bittersweet phase of being finished with the work but still feeling the lingering emotions of it all. A heavy lift that we're all incredibly proud of. I wish the students and team well as they transition back to the light of day.”

The production followed the love story of the ill-fated young couple and their families scratching out a living in a waterfront community. Audiences were immersed in the passion, feud, and ultimate tragedy that befalls these fair lovers of Verona.

“The character work and research outside of rehearsal was in-depth and extensive," Raven F. ’24 said. “It was obvious to the audience because line delivery and blocking was really believable—even though it was in Shakespearean English, it was clear actors knew what they were really saying.”

“Romeo & Juliet was a true labor of love from both students and staff alike,” Visual, Performing & Musical Arts teacher Jam Mandeberg continued. “As we all catch our breath after a beautiful run, I hope there is time for reflection and gratitude for all of the creative work done to bring this show to life.”

Photos courtesy of John Holloran.