Overnight Trips Inspire and Educate Middle School Students

Overnight Trips Inspire and Educate Middle School Students

This was a big week in the Middle School! The overnight trips kick off the school year and offer the opportunity to enjoy being outdoors, participate in fun and enriching activities, and bond with classmates. During their time away, Middle School students learn more about the Community Commitments that make up the fabric of the OES community: respecting yourself, others, and the environment; recognizing the impact of your actions; responding constructively; and taking responsibility.

The sixth grade class traveled to a camp in Lincoln City where they paddled around the lake and shared skits and songs around the campfire. They also got to know one another better, talked about the importance of treating every person with dignity, and had opportunities to learn about their own identities.

The seventh graders traveled to Mt. St. Helens, bringing their earth-science learning to life. In addition to hiking and exploring the Ape Caves, they examined the landscape for clues about the Mt. St. Helens eruption that occurred 2,000 years ago, in addition to the more recent 1980 eruption. The students engaged in experiential learning as they set up tents, cooked on camp stoves, and learned how to take care of themselves and each other while on an outdoor adventure.

The eighth graders also went on an overnight trip focusing on relationships, which we’ll feature in next week’s Aardvark newsletter.

Head of Middle School Ann Sulzer said, “We are so grateful to bring all three grades on overnights again this year. There is so much that the students learn about themselves and each other on these adventures. Every student is challenged to step out of their comfort zones in different ways, and we all return to OES with a better understanding and appreciation for our community in the Middle School.”

Below is just a sampling of pictures from the sixth and seventh grade trips. Enjoy this peek into the excitement and learning shared by our enthusiastic students!