New Middle School Newspaper Drops Next Week

Seeing the need to showcase Middle School student voice, a group of seventh-graders has created a newspaper for their peers!

“Having a school paper gives the students an opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns, observations, passions, and opinions with each other,” said Middle School Math Teacher and Newspaper Advisor Ann von Ofenheim. “Reading the paper gives the audience a view into what is happening on campus, what happens in different classes for other grade levels, and what is on other students' minds.”

The first issue, currently in the process of being created, will drop Wednesday, December 16. It will include an introduction to the newspaper, an article about different cultural holiday celebrations, a piece about COVID-19 written from the point of view of pets, a holiday word search, crossword puzzle, recipes, and much more.

“I am looking forward to hearing what is important to middle schoolers in class, at home, and in the world,” von Ofenheim said. “Each edition will vary in format and style as more students share what they find intriguing or fun.”

Seventh graders Jojo K., Holland B., Sadie Y., and Vishaka P. are leading the way on the development and distribution of the monthly newspaper that has yet to be named. The group sent out a Middle School survey this week to take votes on names for the paper, and to evaluate interest in topics and possible additional staff members.

“Results from the survey indicate that quite a few students would like to contribute,” von Ofenheim said. “It’s a good diversion from everyday classes.”

Be on the lookout for the first edition next week!