Midwinter Madness Fundraiser Taking New Direction for 2021

Like many aspects of life that have changed over the last year, the school's annual student-led fundraiser Midwinter Madness is also undergoing a shift in direction. 

“School being virtual has been really hard for a lot of people,” Midwinter Madness student-leader Kate B. ‘22 said. “So our main goal is just to rebuild the community by planning fun events to help lift school spirit, kind of celebrate being together, and do some community giving as well.”

Looking more inward than in years past, the 2021 version of Midwinter Madness will focus on small events like movie viewings, starting in the weeks following spring break. Upper School organizers plan on leading small drives for donations during events.

“Collaborating with different people that I might not work with over Zoom has been great,” Midwinter Madness student-leader Annie H. ‘22 said. “We have met with so many different teachers and a lot of parents that have been helping us out. So I feel like we've already built a stronger community just by collaborating with each other and working to bring people together.”

In previous school years, students held bake sales, raffles, bubble soccer games, and the beloved basketball game between faculty and seniors—all events difficult to coordinate in a pandemic with the required masks and social distancing. But even though the event format has changed, the spirit of Midwinter Madness remains the same.

“I think it's just fun to work closely with people and to stay connected,” Annie said. “We are feeling like we're providing something that will eventually bring our community together and that we can all rally around and have fun together, so that's been pretty rewarding.”

Stay tuned for more information about Midwinter Madness 2021!