Middle Schoolers Visit Campus for Orientation Days

Middle Schoolers dipped their toes onto campus this week for orientation, a sort of “dress rehearsal” for when students return full time. New classroom spaces were open for viewing, P.E. classes got students active at SPARC, and tours were held to help students get acclimated to on-campus learning.

“Being on campus regularly as Middle Schoolers will be totally new to our sixth graders and will involve novel spaces and routines for everyone,” Assistant Head of Middle School Laura Todis said. “Orientation is a chance for everyone to get a feel for these changes and to practice routines for supporting everyone's health and safety on campus.”

There was a feeling of joy and excitement as Middle School students safely gathered by grade in small cohorts to socialize and learn what school is going to look like when they add more on-campus hours the week of March 1. Eighth grade visited on Wednesday and seventh grade on Thursday. Sixth-grade students are visiting today to, among other activities, discuss Community Commitments and brainstorm protocols for personal health and safety in middle school.

Faculty offered up some "would you rather" questions on the tours to get conversation and laughter going.

“Students will get a feel for how their schedule will be on campus and will become familiar with their classrooms. They'll also practice moving around campus safely and they'll get a chance to discuss what behaviors we can commit to as a community, to support everyone's health and safety,” Todis said. “Finally, they'll get to see each other in person, share some laughs, and have some fun!”

Great work, Aardvarks! Welcome back!