Middle School Science Night: Inquiry in Action

Middle School Science Night: Inquiry in Action

Middle School Science Night was May 11, and the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders had a wide variety of scientific displays for their families to see.

Students worked in pairs on their projects. Displays included a hypothesis, results of research, and a conclusion. The students practiced making their presentations before the actual event. The science or engineering research topics spanned a broad range. Here are just a few examples from each grade level:

Sixth Grade
What type of lip balm lasts the longest?
How does the amount of sugar in fruit affect the amount of mold?
How do the different ways of learning to shoot a free throw affect your FT percentage?

Seventh Grade
How does the distance from shore affect the amount of microorganisms living in the wetlands?
How does the type of clothing material affect the UVA penetration rate?
Does adding a scent like lavender to a bird feeder attract more birds?

Eighth Grade
Does stating a baby’s gender affect the words people use to describe them?
How does plant type affect carbon sequestration rates?
How well does a homemade rocket fly with a homemade motor vs a manufactured motor?

One pair of students experimented with using vegan substitutes for butter in chocolate chip cookies. They thought vegetable oil would be the best, but they found that the liquid from a can of garbanzo beans (called aquafaba) worked better. It is a starchy liquid that traps air, which gives items structure and lift.

Another set of students experimented with making their own chewing gum to remove stains. They used beeswax and baking soda as their main ingredients. They were happy with their quantitative results, with their subjects’ teeth having less plaque after chewing the gum, but not as pleased with their qualitative results. “The texture and flavor weren’t that great,” they admitted.