Middle School Science Students Spread Joy with 3D Locker Art

Seventh grade science and engineering students applied their design skills and creativity to spread joy on the first floor of the Middle School. Students were paired off and challenged to design a piece of locker art for their partner that both represented them and made them happy. The art was supposed to have a 3D element and a moving part.

They used the phases of the OES Inquiry Cycle to guide the process of creation and design. The students learned how to ask open-ended, unique questions to connect with their partner and learn about them as a person. Next students learned the skill of rapid prototyping, having less than five minutes to create a tangible prototype for their partner to provide feedback on.

Finally, students created the "polished prototype" using a variety of materials and techniques. They presented their creation to their partner, explaining how what they learned through the interviews helped them in the design process. This process guided them through the main pillars of the OES Inquiry Cycle: Explore, Connect, Create, Commit, and Reflect.