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Spirit Days Highlight Last Full Week of Middle School

It was the last full week of the school and Middle Schoolers celebrated all week long with a spirit week.

“Throughout the year, we've looked for ways to bring as much joy as possible to learning, whether that was online or in our hallways,” Assistant Head of Middle School Laura Todis said. “Concluding our last full week with a spirit week allows us to celebrate that joy and wear our pajamas to school, which is always a hit.”

Monday was “Hat Day,” Tuesday was “Rainbow Pride Day'' when students wore all the colors of the rainbow, in support of LGBTQIA+ and allies. Wednesday was student-favorite “Pajama Day” while on Thursday, the community wore neon colors for “80’s Day.” Spirit Week concludes today, with “OES Spirit Day,” when students show their school pride by wearing OES gear.

“One student shared that they were most looking forward to seeing their teachers rocking 80’s clothes,” Todis said. “I love seeing everyone express themselves and share in some goofiness.”

Coinciding with “Rainbow Pride Day'' was a pride-themed chapel where Middle School Chaplain Mel Robinson dedicated the time to celebrate and honor LGBTQIA+ people and their stories. 

"The rainbow flag has been a symbol for LGBTQIA+ people since it was first flown in June 1978," Middle School Chaplain Mel Robinson said. "Today, there are many beautiful flags and symbols that represent the many beautiful identities of LGBTQIA+ people. For Rainbow Pride/Pride Colors Day, all are welcome to wear rainbow colors and/or the colors and symbols that reflect and honor the diverse identities within the LGBTQIA+ community.  Wearing Pride colors is an opportunity to show our ally-ship, to celebrate our identities and, when done respectfully and with intention, it can be a powerful sign of inclusivity and solidarity."

Tonight, there's a virtual social for Middle School students, featuring a talent show, a lip-sync battle, and time for students to play games, hang out, and celebrate the end of the school year.