Lower Schoolers Explore their School Library In-Person, a First for Some

Lower Schoolers enjoyed their Library this week in-person for the first time since the Covid pandemic began.

With help and guidance from Lower School Librarian Lora Worden and first-year Lower School Library Assistant Ariel Tindolph, students were able to explore all the library has to offer, skim and scan the shelves for their favorite books, and check out a handful of books to take home.

“Students are thrilled to be back in the library, to be able to browse the shelves themselves, and select books to enjoy,” Worden said. “We've had students at every grade level audibly squeal with delight when they get their hands on beloved favorites.”

Worden and the Middle and Upper School library teams creatively modified the way they served students during the pandemic, including developing digital collections, doing curbside pick up, and delivering holds to students in their classrooms last spring.  

“To have students back in the library, selecting their own books, increases students' independence and investment in their own learning,” Worden said. “It also increases the visibility of the diverse authors, illustrators, and characters whose stories we are promoting.”

While some groups of students are familiar with Worden and the library, others had their first in-person experience this week.

“When classes line up outside the library doors, their excitement is palpable,” Worden said. “It's been especially exciting to see the Intermediate Years students return because they remember what library access was like before the pandemic started, and many behave as if they've won the greatest prize being able to be back in the library choosing their own books.

“One second-grader couldn't believe that they could check out three books from anywhere in the library to take home! added Worden. "After all, the last time they were in the library, as a kindergartener, they could only check out one book to take back to the classroom to share.”