Fourth and Fifth Graders Visit Campus to Connect, Explore, and Prepare

Fourth and fifth grade students visited campus this week to gather, get to know each other in person, and find the “new normal” of Campus-Based Instruction.

“We wanted to do a lot of community-building and just spend some time together as a group,” Fifth Grade Teacher Jen Doyle said. “We wanted students to re-establish connections with each other. It was funny because I had planned all these games to play and, in the end, students just wanted free time together to explore the wetlands, climb trees, and socialize.”

Each group had time on campus to play and explore, but in multiple instances, just wanted to chat and hang out with their classmates. Walking around campus presented the challenge of staying connected while social-distancing.

“Something that was really big for my group was body awareness,” Fifth Grade Teacher Leah Wyllie said. “They now have to pay attention to where they are in space in a way that they didn't before, and so we would be walking and someone would stop or slow down, and the person behind them would then have to respond accordingly.”

One group organized a physically-distant game where students gather in a circle and run across the circle.

“We talked about the ways that we can continue to be socially-distanced when someone's running across the circle,” Fifth Grade Teacher Mary Duden said. “Simple things like that felt particularly important as we transition back to campus.”