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Fifth Graders Take Compassion and Determination to Middle School

When remote learning began, there was much uncertainty about what the future held. We had no idea how long we’d be out of school or what remote learning was going to look and feel like. One group that faced the uncertainty head-on was the Class of 2027.

“Fifth-graders really took to remote learning,” said Assistant Head of Lower School Chris Thompson. “It was a big challenge, but they all stepped up, advocated for themselves, and took ownership of their learning. Their teachers and I were very impressed by their adaptability and determination.”

A group of energetic personalities, this fifth-grade class is made up of Lower School leaders. They’ve shown immense courage facing remote learning and have done so with flexibility, vigor for learning, and a good attitude.

“The fifth-grade class has a lot of personality, full of spunky, outspoken, and caring individuals,” Thompson said.

Congratulations, fifth graders! Good luck in middle school and beyond!