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Diversity in Reading Part of Lower School Book Contest

Fourth and fifth graders competed in the "finals" of OES's Oregon Battle of the Books on Thursday, answering a series of trivia-style questions based on a list of diverse books they were given at the beginning of the school year.

“Oregon Battle of the Books is a great program to encourage students to read diversely,” Lower School Librarian Lora Worden said. “The book battle inspires all students to grow and stretch as readers—whether they are avid readers pushed to explore new genres, reluctant readers inspired to engage more with books, or readers facing challenges who are encouraged to read or listen to new books.”

In the end, the fifth-grade team "Pages of Fire," prevailed while the overall fourth-place team, "Gods of OBOB," took first place team among the fourth-grade teams.

"I really loved reading the books, they're really good," Vardaan K '28 said. "I have to compliment whoever chooses these books. They really find the best and I really like the competition and the fact that it's just so thrilling. You never know who's going to win until the very end."

While there were no in-person battles or state and regional competitions this year, the annual competition provided great opportunities for the Lower School community to work collaboratively for the competition.

“Oregon Battle of the Books also encourages teamwork, and this has been especially true this past year where students were part of the creative problem-solving process to figure out how we could adapt OBOB to work on Zoom,” Worden said. “All participants showed great enthusiasm, commitment, flexibility, and integrity in adapting to this year's structure.”

Win or lose, the book battle is a favorite among students, teachers, and parents for its ability to help foster community, reveal diverse perspectives and voices, and have some literary fun in the process.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to engage the larger Lower School community,” Worden said. “We could not have run the program—with simultaneous battles happening across multiple Zoom rooms—without the support of assistant teachers, teachers, and families who helped officiate the battles and root for our students.”


  • 1st place: Pages of Fire (Vardaan K. '28, Sreshta C. '28, Jia B. '28, and Jasmine X. '28)
  • 2nd place: Reading Warriors (Alina K. '28, Luella V. '28, Penny H. '28, and Lotte N. '28)
  • 3rd place: Amazing G.O.A.T.s (Warren S. '28, Winston W. '28, Mateo G. '28, and Zach T. '28)
  • 4th place: Gods of OBOB (Cooper L. '29, Kai O. '29, Theo W. '29, Tulasi K-R. '29, and Owen O. '29)