Fifth Grade Classes Perform Original Plays

Fifth Grade Classes Perform Original Plays
“The fifth grade plays are a longstanding tradition in the Lower School,” said fifth grade teacher Linda True. “Each class collaboratively writes and performs an original play. They work in collaboration with Emily Stone and Peter Buonincontro of the Upper School theater program as well as Jeffrey Sprague and Cameron Jack of the EC3 Design Center. The students work in small groups to write scenes and bring each other's ideas together to create a cohesive story.”
Over the past few weeks, each of the fifth grade classes performed their play in the black box theater in the EC3 Design Center. An evening performance was held for their parents, and daytime performances were held for other students at OES. The themes of the plays ranged from a death star space object about to crash into the island of Hawaii, to struggles to overcome an evil queen via a baking challenge in Michigan, to the foibles of a fictional town led by a turkey king.
Watch the plays by clicking on the links below:
Some students shared their thoughts about how they wrote and prepared their plays:
  • “We each developed an idea for what we wanted our character to be, then we brought it all together.”
  • “It took a lot of trust because other groups were writing lines for you. You created your character and then other people wrote the lines for you. Different people wrote different scenes but you weren't necessarily in that scene."
  • “We had different ideas for what the story would be. We separated out and started developing our own thoughts, then wrote bits of script for each other.”
  • “We all had very different character ideas; we did idea boards for homework, on our iPads. There was a wide variety of what we could do—it was really cool. We found a way to fit it all together."

Pictures below are from the Death Pickle.

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