EmbraceRace Webinar: Why and How to Talk to Kids about Microaggressions

Recommended by OES Director for Inclusion Dyan Watson.

Microaggressions are the “everyday slights, indignities and insults committed against marginalized groups because of their membership to those groups.” (Professor Derald Sue). Microaggressions are hard to talk about, on one hand, because when we commit them we generally don’t intend and are not aware of the hurt we’ve caused. On the other hand, the victims of microaggressions might hesitate to speak up for fear of being seen as "overly sensitive" or otherwise assuming the risks often associated with advocating for oneself.

Adults are not alone in committing or being subject to microaggressions; children also commit them and suffer from them. But if even adults struggle with microaggressions, how can we help the children in our lives navigate them successfully?

Join EmbraceRace with Drs. Stanely Huey and Anatasia Kim about why to have the conversation (spoiler: microaggressions cause real harm!) and how to approach it. Like many worthwhile conversations, talking about microaggressions is messy, nuanced, and ongoing. But doing the work results in more thoughtful, informed, and brave humans, young and old.

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