Eighth Graders Enjoy Rafting Adventure

Eighth Graders Enjoy Rafting Adventure

Last week the eighth-grade class enjoyed an exciting overnight rafting trip on the Deschutes River. The highly anticipated trip was a chance to learn new skills and enjoy time together as a whole class before the end of the school year.

Director of Experiential Education Tom Handel said:

“This was a remarkable eighth-grade raft and camping experience. The students were truly outstanding, and they rose to the occasion on every challenge. They became great campers and learned a tremendous amount about navigating the Deschutes River responsibly. The chili cook-off was an all-time highlight and on the last evening, there was a special evening program that highlighted our treasured Middle School math teacher, Karen Seder, who is retiring this year. To top it off, the students came home to OES and provided an excellent job of putting all of the camping gear away in an organized, clean, and neat fashion so that the next time eighth graders need it, it will be ready to go.”

Student Alina K. ’28 shared:

“I had a blast on the rafting trip. I really enjoyed the chili cook-off. My group had a very elaborate presentation of our chili, and it ended up winning us the presentation award! Everyone contributed in a unique way that really added to the overall experience. Another favorite experience was stargazing. There’s inherently a lot of light pollution in Portland, given that it’s a city, but that isn’t an issue in eastern Oregon. I have never seen so many stars in my life, and it was amazing. I made so many memories on this trip, and I wish we could have stayed longer!”

Evan. G. ’28 said:

“The trip was an amazing opportunity to spend time with my classmates outside of the school setting, to truly get to see them as people. It was a fun chance to strengthen friendships and also build new ones. I’ll never forget seeing Ms. Seder fall out of the raft, a fun moment of excitement and terror for all of us (she was laughing). The closing circle at the end offered us the chance to reflect on our time spent together over the past three years, and let me really appreciate my classmates and teachers that much more. It was such a fun trip!”

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