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Eighth-Grade Class Joyfully Connected Despite This Spring's Physical Distancing

Unprecedented times led this year’s eighth-graders to hone in quickly on their core value of connection, a distinguishing perspective for the Class of 2024. Indeed, it is friendships, empathy, energy, and joy of togetherness that characterizes this group of graduating eighth-graders, said Head of School Ann Sulzer, and their wisdom at what’s most essential is worth noting.

“What matters most to Middle Schoolers?” asks Sulzer. “Friendships, connection, being together, doing what they love, and having fun. What would it take for those values to rise to the top of our to-do lists as adults? Even within the first week of remote learning, eighth-graders were telling me that the hardest part about our new normal wasn't the technology or the school projects. They knew right away that the hardest part was losing that critical, or essential, connection to each other as a community.”

“This class has distinguished itself for its friendships and connections," Sulzer said. "For its kindness to each other and pure, often loud, joy. For the deep empathy and care, they have for each other."

“For all of their differences, they share a common understanding of what matters most, and that is each other,” Sulzer said. “They know what is essential, and I hope that whether you are living with an eighth-grader, or you know one, or you are teaching one, or all of the above, you take a moment to see the world through their eyes and consider the amazing wisdom these compassionate and resilient OES eighth-graders have shared with us.”