Dorm Students Help with Beach Clean-up

Submitted by Benley V. ’24

This past weekend, a group of us from the dorms helped with a beach clean-up through SOLVE. Our leader was Maria McIvor, Upper School Community Engagement Coordinator.

From my personal experience, this was an enjoyable trip because it was the first time this school year that I went far away from OES. We spent nearly four hours on the coast in Cannon Beach looking for trash. We didn't have big bags of garbage at the end because most of the trash was microplastic. It was more about us walking and talking together in a big group. Especially since some of the students had never been to Oregon's sea coast and are totally unfamiliar with Oregon in general. They are a bit shy when going outside. Eventually, we soothe each other by talking and just sharing fun moments together.

There were 13 total students on this trip. They included students from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Afghanistan, and the United States. Thank you to all the students who went: Jun L. ’23, Claire J. ’23, Yusuke O. ’23, Nicole Y. ’23, Shawn X. ’26, Leo C. ’26, Catherine Z. ’23, Stella L. ’23, Xiaoyan T. ’25, Jesse G. ’25, Litzy A. ’26, and Lina P. ’25.