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Digital Evolution Continues in Lower School P.E.

Virtual kayaking, snowball-throwing, human bop-its, Star Wars Jedi workouts, and even Minions exercises. These are just a few of the ways Lower School P.E. teachers have kept our youngest Aardvarks engaged and in shape this winter.

“Getting kids active and moving in any way is essential,” Lower School P.E. Teacher Scott Corris said. “We do this with steady encouragement, support, reinforcement, and repetition.”

Corris and Lower School P.E. Teacher James Nolan know the value of physical education transcends keeping students healthy. Regular movement helps the community stay together even when we cannot physically be together. 

“Staying connected is so incredibly difficult now, so we connect with common and shared experiences,” Corris said. “Laughing at jokes kids share, seeing them dressed in costumes and wigs, and directly connecting with them in breakout rooms is always a treat.”

Lower School P.E. Classes Continue Digital Evolution

This interactive workout wheel helps encourage Lower Schoolers to do some spontaneous exercise.

The Lower School P.E. team has had to adapt to continuous learning in many ways, including the Mileage Marker Program, a favorite among students. Every five miles of running or walking a student completes, they earn one “footie,” a shoe token. At 25 miles, they earn a big “footie," at 50 miles, they earn an OES 50 Mile Club t-shirt, and at 100 miles, they have the option of choosing a water bottle or an OES drawstring bag.

“We're constantly getting completed miles emailed to us, as well as uploaded to our P.E. survey,” Corris said. “I imagine we'll be passing out a ton of t-shirts and water bottles come June!”

Lower School P.E. is another great example of how our faculty and staff are constantly evolving to meet the needs of students.

“We just keep plugging along, as best we can, because after all, that's how we roll,” Corris concluded. “We certainly miss seeing all our students in person, and we eagerly look forward to seeing them again, especially in our new Athletic Center!”