Class of 2022 Carries on Tradition, Reveals Class Motto

Another beloved OES tradition graced the Belltower on Monday morning as the Class of 2022 revealed their class motto for the year: Deuces Wild.

“We have always been seen as a somewhat ‘wild’ and groundbreaking group of students, and we wanted to choose something light and fun while also addressing our hopes for returning to a relatively normal school year,” Community Board Chair Sylvie B. ‘22 said. “After being held back by the pandemic in all aspects of our lives during the majority of our tenure in the Upper School, we want to commit to going all in for a final celebration and exploration of our interests at OES.”

Class brainstorming sessions for the motto began on the Oregon Coast during the opening senior trip.

“We certainly had a lot of ideas that tried to express our experiences with Covid,” Honor Council Representative Kole P. ‘22 said. “But the casino setting of ‘Deuces Wild’ truly encapsulated the celebratory feeling we’ve been having following our return to campus for our final year at OES.”

Deuce is the two on dice or playing cards and in French means "two points from the end of the game."

Monday’s presentation of their class motto, the first in-person reveal since the Class of 2020 two years ago, incorporated students with different interests playing a game of poker against Covid and the Delta variant.

“The main idea is that the odds were against us in the past, as they would be in a game of poker, but we are bouncing back together with confidence and hope,”  Sylvie said. “I think we, as a community and the Class of 2022, are all beginning to recognize our privilege in being able to learn together during this unpredictable time. We want to take advantage of these opportunities we have to learn, play sports, and create together.”

In the end, as the motto was revealed, seniors of all different types prevailed against Covid and the Delta variant, an apt message for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year.

“OES is built on tradition,” Kole said. “By carrying on the tradition of the class theme, we link ourselves to classes to come and to classes past.”

Sylvie concluded: “The senior theme is a respected tradition at OES because it sets the tone for the entire year and allows the school to get to know the graduating class through the topics they highlight in their theme and events.”