Celebrating the 2024 Aardvark Science Expo Winners

Celebrating the 2024 Aardvark Science Expo Winners

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 2024 Aardvark Science Expo. This annual science, engineering, computer science, and math research competition includes the opportunity to earn a spot in both the Oregon state competition (Northwest Science Expo) and the international competition (Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, ISEF).

An awards-show-style ceremony was held during the Upper School gathering on March 1, hosted by Upper School Science Teacher Joshua Caditz, who coordinated the expo. A couple of special guests appeared remotely to announce awards: Arun Sharma ’23, speaking from the Berkeley campus, and Upper School Science Teacher Peter Kimball, who appeared with his new baby daughter from home.

Caditz said, “Congratulations to all the students who developed a science research inquiry project this year! I am continually amazed by the incredible dedication and ingenuity displayed by our students. Their commitment to scientific inquiry, paired with their creative minds, has led to a showcase of truly remarkable projects. Through their hard work, our students have not only demonstrated their skills in scientific research but have also shown fantastic growth as young scientists. Each project tells a unique story of curiosity, perseverance, and innovation.”

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Awards by Subject

Behavioral and Social Science

  • First Place: Solomon L. ’24


  • First Place: Athena H. ’24

Cellular and Molecular Biology

  • Honorable Mention: Tully W. ’25, Parker M. ’25, Tobias K. ’25
  • Second Place: Rowan J. ’25, Ennio G. ’25, Benjamin W. ’25, Don-Pharinho C ’25, Bingyang Y. ’25, Xavier S. ’25
  • First Place: Matthew I. ’25, Nina K. ’25; Tyler Saito T. ’25

Computer Science and Robotics

  • Honorable Mention: Eric M. ’26
  • Third Place: Leo C. ’26
  • Second Place: Jesse G. ’26
  • First Place: Diego F. ’25


  • Third Place: Max J. ’26
  • Second Place: Evelyn P. ’26
  • First Place: Sadie Y. ’26

Environmental and Earth Sciences

  • Honorable Mention: Mia R. ’25, Atlas O. ’25, Ellie J. ’25
  • Third Place: Isabelle H. ’25; Savannah B.’25, Lola B. ’25
  • Second Place: Jiaming Z. ’25
  • First Place: Lily T. ’24

Life Science

  • Third Place: Irene W. ’25, Peter S. ’27
  • Second Place: Emma X. ’27, Carol H. ’27
  • First Place: Lauren T. ’25

Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Honorable Mention: Margot K. ’25 ; Bridget M. ’25, Benjamin E. ’25
  • Third Place: Ava D. ’24
  • Second Place: Daniel R. ’26
  • First Place: Shriya M. ’25

Physics and Astronomy

  • Honorable Mention: Jacob P. ’26
  • Third Place: Maija L. ’26
  • Second Place: Riley S. ’26
  • First Place: Evie C. ’26

Special Awards

Class of 2018 Environmental Research Award
The Class of 2018 recognizes the efforts of a student researcher who worked to further our understanding and improve environmental issues for the betterment of humanity and wildlife.

  • Athena H.C. ’24

Outstanding Geoscience Project, sponsored by the Association of Women Geoscientists. The award comes with a certificate.

  • Savannah B. ’25, Lola B. ’25, Isabelle H. ’25

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Award

  • Riley S. ’26

Ricoh Corporation’s Sustainable Development Award
The award comes with a certificate and a letter of congratulation.

  • Sadie Y. ’26

Outstanding Project in In Vitro Biology, sponsored by Society for in Vitro Biology. The award comes with a certificate.

  • Irene W. ’25

Outstanding Project by an 11th Grade Student, sponsored by the Yale University Science and Engineering Association..

  • Adrianna C. ’25, Julia C. ’25

Outstanding Research in Psychology, sponsored by the American Psychological Association. 

  • Jesse G. ’25

NASA Earth System Science Award, sponsored by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration.

  • Max J. ’26

Naval Excellence in Science and Engineering Award, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.

  • Lily B. ’25, Jaya K. ’25, Summer W. ’25

Outstanding Science or Engineering Fair Project, sponsored by the U.S. Air Force.

  • Catherine G. ’25, Emily H. ’25, Ruby M. ’25

One-time scholarship to Oregon State University

  • Lily T. ’24

Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award, sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

  • Lily T. ’24

Science Champion Award for scientific excellence and using science innovatively to present a solution to international development challenges, sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development.

  • Maija L. ’26

Regeneron Science Award
This award is to celebrate an exceptional student scientist or team of scientists who demonstrate an impressive command of science and research. The award is presented by Regeneron and the Society for Science. It comes with a certificate and $375. 

  • Jiaming Z. ’25

The top four projects were chosen to represent OES at the 2024 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. These four regional finalists will have the opportunity to compete at Regeneron ISEF in Los Angeles, California in May.

  • “Analysis of Equine Gut Microbiota by Living Environment” by Lauren T. ’25
  • "Selection of Specific Volatile Organic Compounds for the Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer using Fluorescent Dyes” by Chandra Shriya M. ’25
  • “Engineering a WebAssembly-based Shell" by Diego F. ’25
  • "Accelerated Biochemical Depolymerization of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Fibers Using Bacterial Consortium and UV Pretreatment" by Athena H.C. ’24

Patty Jeanne Semura Best of Fair Award, sponsored by the Semura Family.
This award is named in honor and memory of an outstanding OES graduate who excelled in many areas while here at OES, including numerous achievements in the sciences. The award is presented to two projects and comes with $200.

  • Diego F. ’25
  • Chandra Shriya M. ’25