Athletic Hall of Fame Becomes Reality

The opening celebration of the OES Athletic Hall of Fame on June 2, 2022 was a night to remember. Morissette Court, beautifully lit in Aardvark green, and set with tables decorated with fresh spring flowers, provided the backdrop for guests to reconnect with each other. Some people had not been back to the OES campus since they graduated.

Once the ceremony was underway, emcee Mark Pilkenton kept the crowd engaged as the inaugural inductees were announced. After receiving their award, each inductee was invited to sit down and share highlights from their athletic career, which provided an additional glimpse into how they achieved their stellar accomplishments.

The inaugural inductees announced that night were:

  • Helga Daret–Faculty, Coach, and Meritorious Service (Posthumous)
  • Coleen Davis–Coach (Tennis)
  • Molly Nakayama ’90–Athlete (Soccer)
  • Ashley Berman Wigod '96–Athlete (Soccer)
  • 1988 OES Girls Cross Country Team
  • 2009 OES Boys Lacrosse Team
  • Kris Van Hatcher ’70–Athlete, Coach, and Meritorious Service

You can view a video of the entire ceremony and see more photos on our Athletic Hall of Fame web page.

Plans are already underway for the 2023 Athletic Hall of Fame Celebration to take place in September 2023! We will begin accepting nominations in January.