2024 Senior Awards & Recognition Ceremony

2024 Senior Awards & Recognition Ceremony

Upper School students, faculty, parents, and guests gathered in the Athletic Center for the annual awards ceremony on June 13, 2024. Congratulations to all the recipients! Descriptions of the awards are included in the event program.

Athletic Recognitions

  • Coaches' Award for Girls Sports—Zoe B. and Morgan M.
  • Coaches’ Award for Boys Sports—Edward B.

Department Recognitions

  • English—Sophia S.
  • History and Social Studies—Tiago M.
  • Library—Linnea P.
  • Mathematics—Xuhao (Joe) F.
  • Computer Science—Isaac C.
  • Religion & Philosophy—Yuankai G.
  • Science—Lily T.
  • Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts:
  • Visual Arts—Lou B.   
  • Musical Arts—Hugh B.
  • Performing Arts—Linnea P.
  • World LanguagesChinese—Scarlet J.
  • World LanguagesFrench—Kaitlyn O.
  • World LanguagesSpanish—Madeleine R.
  • Marion Horwell Residence Award—Rand F.
  • Student Body Award—Dengqi (Gigi) C.

Nabila Maazouz Award (Ninth Graders)

  • Cassidy P. ’27
  • Kate V. ’27
  • Anushka N. ’27

All-School Awards

Patron’s Award

  • Etti T.A.

Susan Elizabeth McClave Award

  • Owen S.

J. Milne Manson Award

  • Leon P.

Mary Rodney Award

  • Dengqi (Gigi) C.

Bishop Dagwell Award

  • Mattea R.

Alumni Award

  • Alexander M.

Patty Jean Semura Award (to a Sophomore)

  • Drew M. ’26

Please note: Your division head’s office will share a link to all photos captured at this ceremony in an email to families later this month.