School Bus Service

Each year, the OES school bus provides a ride to 30% of OES students. This fee-based service offers a safe, dependable and cost-effective option for families in the Portland metro area. Bus routes are established each year based upon requests received. Costs are updated annually. Established bus routes exist in the following areas:

  • Lake Oswego
  • NW Portland
  • NE Portland
  • SE Portland
  • Sunset Corridor
  • Portland Heights

Safety & Dependability

  • School buses are 9 times safer than private cars—national statistics show that school buses are the safest vehicles on our roads and highways.
  • Outstanding drivers—because safety is the top priority of the OES transportation team, our drivers are screened, well-trained, licensed, and, most important, caring.
  • OES vehicles are maintained to strict State of Oregon standards.
  • On-time pick-up and delivery—every school day, OES buses arrive on schedule to deliver students to class on time, and provide the same reliable service home after school.

Annual Bus Fare

OES offers a simplified fare structure with established flat rates. Zone 1 pricing includes most of the Portland metropolitan area west side. Zone 2 includes NE & SE Portland and the west side south of downtown Lake Oswego.


2018-19 Annual Bus Fares
Fare type Number of Children Annual Fare
Round Trip, Zone 1 First Child $1,300
  Each Additional Child $950
Round Trip, Zone 2 First Child $1,600
  Each Additional Child $1,200
One way (AM or PM), Zone 1 First Child $800
  Each Additional Child $600
One way (AM or PM), Zone 2 First Child $1,000
  Each Additional Child $750
Home Service Charge (per family)* Round Trip $600
  One way $350
Single Ride Per child $7

*Home service is only available as time and location allows.

*Families qualifying for Flexible Tuition receive a 50% discount on bus fares.