School Closure

Occasionally, snow or other weather conditions require closure or delayed opening of school. Decisions about whether to close school are based on road conditions throughout the metropolitan area. The administration recognizes that conditions vary from place to place, so we encourage families to make travel decisions based on conditions in their neighborhood.

If school is closed for the day or delayed, this decision will be posted on our website, as well as in broadcast media, and social media by 5 a.m. Closure may take one of three forms:

  • No School: School will resume the following day unless announced otherwise the next morning.
  • Delayed Start: If it appears that conditions will ease, school will convene two hours late. Please continue to monitor reports as unanticipated worsening of conditions may necessitate closure.
  • Early Closure: Should safety-threatening conditions develop during the day, students will be sent home early. Parents of Lower and Middle School students will be notified by telephone, and students will be supervised at school until they are picked up. Please be sure that the school offices have all of your current contact numbers so you can be easily contacted in these situations. Upper School students will be responsible for making their own arrangements, but may stay at school until they can be picked up.

Closure Notification: OES contracts with an emergency announcement service that will notify families of school delays and closures.