Emergency Reunification Information

At OES your child's safety is one of our primary concerns. As part of our Emergency Operations Plan, we have an established procedure to reunite students with parents/guardians. This procedure is designed to ensure that students are safe until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. Key components of this procedure are:

  1. Notice of emergency situations is communicated through Veracross. We will send an announcement as quickly as possible after an alert has been issued, and again to communicate the All Clear.
  2. It is imperative that cell phones be silenced and not used during an emergency situation except to communicate vital emergency information.
  3. Do NOT come to campus during an emergency situation.
  4. Specific reunification location will be determined at time of release. When you come to pick up your student, please be patient and have picture ID with you so we can confirm your identity against the emergency authorization forms on file. This layer of detail is in place to ensure your student’s safety.
  5. All students must be picked up by a parent or an adult listed as one of the first two emergency contacts on record.
  6. Only once a declared emergency is over and the local roads are deemed safe will Upper School students be allowed to leave campus without an adult.