Driving and Parking

The OES parking lots and driveways are congested areas that are shared by both vehicles and pedestrians. To make the campus as safe as possible, please drive slowly (10 mph) and with caution. Always yield to foot traffic. Do not use your cellphone while driving on campus.

Parking and standing is prohibited at all times along red curbs, and at other areas as marked. Standing is allowed along yellow curbs marked as drop-off and pick-up zones, if the driver remains with the vehicle. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in yellow zones, even if you intend to be there for "only a minute," as it greatly disrupts the flow of loading and unloading.

Please load and unload only at the curb in the drop-off zones. After picking up or dropping off your child(ren), please leave promptly so others can get in behind you. Do not double park or do anything else to block traffic or draw your child off the curb and into traffic.

Lower School children are not allowed to cross the parking lot by themselves. Please load and unload at the curb in the drop-off zones, or park and walk children to and from the sidewalk. After picking up or dropping off your children, please leave promptly so others can get in behind you.

Middle School and Upper School dismissal times are 15 minutes later than Lower School. Please do not come to pick up your Middle or Upper School student(s) until 3:05 p.m. This helps limit congestion in the parking lots.

To ensure the safety of our children and families, as well as families in the Montclair neighborhood, please strictly observe the 25 mph speed limit on Nicol Road. As we wish to be good neighbors, we ask that you not cut through the neighborhood by using Willowmere Drive or Westgate Way.