Safety and Security

Oregon Episcopal School is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all students, employees, and campus visitors.

The following list describes the major safety programs in place at the school.
  • The OES Safety Coordinator monitors health and safety issues throughout the school, making recommendations, as appropriate, to the Head of School and the Administrative Team. The Coordinator also prepares an annual summary of accidents and incidents at the school.
  • Most employees have first aid certification and receive CPR training. An administrator is on 24-hour call at all times during the school year.
  • Administrators meet regularly to create, practice, and evaluate simulated emergency situations.
  • An OES Emergency Procedures Guide is available in every office and classroom, and serves to guide employees in their response to a wide range of emergencies.
  • Fire, earthquake, and lock-out drills are conducted regularly throughout the school year.
  • OES supplies first aid kits on all trips, and first aid kits and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are kept in convenient locations throughout the campus.
  • Emergency communication and early closure information can also be found in the OES Directory.

Phone numbers for school offices can be found on the Contact Us page. The number for the main school switchboard is 503-246-7771. If you have an emergency need to contact a school administrator after hours, please call the School’s answering service at 503-499-5880.