Upper Schoolers Get Mind-Noggingly Festive at NOGFEST

Upper Schoolers Get Mind-Noggingly Festive at NOGFEST

The 15th annual celebration of all things eggnogg-y, NOGFEST, was held in the Upper School Library last week to help celebrate the coming winter break. Students, faculty, and staff gathered to sample eggnog milkshakes, eat baked delights, read holiday haikus, and compete in Nogahyde, the Tacky Sweater Contest. Thanks to senior Isabelle S. '19 for taking on party organization and judging the haiku contest, and to the rest of the team who put it together: Upper School Librarian Erika Jelinek, Upper School English Teacher Julie Sikkink, Upper School Science Teacher Rob Orr, Upper School Library Assistant Katie Horton, and Upper School English Teacher Debby Schauffler.

The 2018 winners of the haiku contest, NogStÖck, are:

  • Best Cryptozoological Reference—Erin B. '19
  • I Cannot Follow Directions Non-Prize—Andrew G. '20
  • Honestest Haiku with No Discernible Nog—Antonio H. '19
  • Best Flash Fiction/Short Story Award—Gemma T. '22
  • Math Dept LS Division—Jack S. '22
  • Math Dept Honors Division—Upper School Math Teacher Gowri Meda
  • Aardvark Alumni Award from a Not So Anonymous Artist—James Roberts '18
  • Rob Orr Tribute Grand Prize—Ava C. '20
  • Current Events in Nog—Former Upper School Librarian Chris Myers
  • Grand Prize—Annie N. '21, Mimi P. '22, and Cathy Z. '22

Recognition and extra credit must also be given to Erin B. '19 for her "Chandler Watson Tribute"—she actually created a haiku generator using some of the most common words used in eggnog haikus resulting in this gem, among others:

Egg Philosopher

reason in this nog
each complex eggnog thinking
of less epic egg

Happy holidays, OESians!